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Woodturning Featured at The Boys & Girls Club Along The Allegheny

Mel Dunlap of the Butler Area Wood Turners recently made a visit at the Boy’s & Girl’s Club Along The Allegheny in Emlenton.

The Butler Area Wood Turners was formed in 2008 with a goal of helping others to expand their understanding and knowledge of wood turning at all levels or experience.

The group is a chapter of the American Association of Wood Turners; a national organization with an endless supply of educational resources that are available to the local clubs.

Mel, who serves as Secretary of the Butler Area Wood Turners was able to give an on site demonstration on how to turn a piece of wood into a finished product for a few members of the Boy’s and Girls Club Along The Allegheny.

Mel talked about the safety and the specific tools of the trade.

Each kid received a wooden spinning top that Mel had made. Mel also shared some of his other finished products.

Mel, a machinist by trade, finds woodturning to be a great hobby . He noted that someone looking to make it a hobby can do so relatively inexpensively. “It is a great way for a young kid to learn a skill that he can carry with him the rest of his life.”

The Butler Area Wood Turners goals and objectives are to promote an interest in woodturning for persons of all levels of competence and experience, including beginners and advanced professionals to provide up-to-date information, education, and guidance for all members; to stimulate creativity, and to explore new methods and techniques of advancing woodturning as both a creative craft, and as a unique art form; and to encourage membership in, and continued support for the American Association of Woodturners.

Melvin Dunlap (secretary/ treasurer) of the group wants to invite anyone who is either an experienced turner or who is curious and interested in learning more about turning to come meet us and check out what we offer.

You can contact the Butler Area Wood Turners by emaiing, or call Mr. Dunlap at 724-445-3630. Please leave a message and we will get back in touch with you.

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