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An Artistic Legacy: One Family. Four Generations of Women. 100 Years of Art

The Red Brick Gallery proudly presents the exhibit, Mothers & Daughters: One Family. Four generations of women. 100 years of art. Ruth Coy, Carolyn Kingman, Annette Kingman, Karen Mortland, Nissa Rappoport.

The exhibit presents a window into their artistic heritage – as images, textures, vibrant colors and brush strokes create a tapestry of their family history, with each generation adding to the narrative - capturing stories, preserving memories, and invoking emotion.

The photographs, acrylics, oil paintings, watercolors, pen and ink, graphic designs and jewelry will be on display weekends from July 5 to August 11 in the Upstairs Gallery. The Opening Wine & Cheese Reception is on Sunday, July 14 from 4 to 6 PM. There is no admission for the opening.

Prior to the opening reception, as an ideal pairing, the Lincoln Hall concert at 2 PM features 100 years of Americana music. Four-time World Champion Old Time Pianist Adam Swanson will perform Ragtime, Blues, Boogie Woogie, songs from the Great American Songbook, AND his version of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue in this 100th anniversary year of its premiere. Those wishing to attend the concert may call to reserve (724) 659-3153 to pay by cash or check at the door - or may pay by credit card online.

Calvin Coolidge once praised Smith College student Ruth Cushman Coy for doing “remarkably pucky work”…”leaving mere men in the shade.”

It was the roaring twenties, and 19-year-old Ruth grabbed her dual loves of science and art with both hands. She taught science at the local high school for 18 years. Free time was spent with camera in hand, hiking the hills of upstate New York. Eventually her love of photographing the wildlife blossomed into portraits, a home developing studio, and a second business. She passed in 1971, leaving a strong legacy of science art and nature appreciation to her family

Her daughter, Carolyn Coy Kingman (1933 to 1996) had her mother’s independent nature and intellectual drive as well as her fascination with the arts. She initially channeled her scientific side into studying and then teaching the new field of data processing in upstate New York. Time away from the computer was spent outdoors exploring, skiing, and camping. She began oil painting during this time. Upon her move to Captiva Island, Florida she embraced the bright flow of watercolors. Much of her time was spent wandering the beautiful island to paint en plein air.

The love of art was passed down to her two daughters Annette and Karen.

The legacy of combining intellectual pursuits with creativity and a love of nature marks Annette Kingman’s artistic career path. She delves into the history of art — its construction, inspiration, societal power, and the astonishing tales of the artists. She is a lecturer at the Univ of New Mexico, as well as other locations. Specializing in oils and pen & ink, Annette has been teaching art to adults for two decades. She is the founder and leader of The Perspective Art Group. Her art hangs in a variety of places in her home state of New Mexico. She revels in bringing emotion to her paintings. It can be the mystery or beauty of nature but most often it is the expressions captured in her animal portraits.

The synergy of science, creativity and structure is well illustrated in the work of Red Brick member artist Karen Kingman Mortland. Her architectural company, Mortland Planning and Design, specializes in pathology laboratory design. As she winds down the business end of her life, she has more time for her loves of travel, gardening, and acrylic painting. Favoring scenes with intense lighting, she captures moments from her travels, her garden, and her love of nature bringing the viewer into that moment. Her architectural training is reflected in the intensely beautiful detail of her ultra-realistic art.

The magic of Red Brick member artist, Nissa Rappoport’s creations transcend any individual field of art. She holds a degree from Ursuline College, and one from the Fashion Institute of New York. Her company, The Gilded Troll, carries clothing, custom material, home goods and jewelry. Her vast collection of two-and-three-dimensional art blends the practical to the wildly fantastical. It is art that reflects both her heritage of scientific precision and love of nature in a unique dance of the imagination.

The Red Brick Gallery is located at 17 Main Street, Foxburg, PA 16036 with weekend hours: Fridays, 1-6 PM; Saturdays, 11 AM to 7 PM; and Sundays, 12 noon to 5 PM

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