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Awards Day at A-C Valley H.S. - Group 3

The Central Electric Good Neighbor Scholarship was presented by Renee Tritten (center) and awarded to (L) Cailyn Shaffer and (R) Paige Klingler.

The DAR Good Citizenship Award, presented by Joan Kriebel was given to Meah M. Schiberl-Ielase

The Emlenton Civic Club Scholarships were presented to Meah M. Schiberl-Ielase, Paige Klingler, Baylee Blauser and Evelyn M. Ruckdeschel.

Cailyn Shaffer (R), was the winner of the Charles Black Memorial Scholarship, presented by Minnie Logue. This new scholarship is sponsored by the KGC Federal Credit Union of Knox. The award was presented to Cailyn for her academic progress, school activities and exemplary community service.

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