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Bringing It Back to His Roots

To Perform on Friday, September 8, 2023,

at the Perry Township Community Day

Keith Allen Weckerly


Keith Weckerly was born and raised in the Parker area and graduated from ACV in 1991.

He started guitar lessons at May’s Music Shop in Butler Pa. in 1991 at the age of 14. After a couple years of lessons he was actually teaching the instructor some things he came up with on his own. His instructor said I think your lessons are over you’re actually teaching me new things.

Keith started playing in a few local garage bands made up of some friends around the Emlenton and Butler area. He had a couple shows but nothing too promising. He took some time to start a family and a work career and left music plans behind. Keith started a commercial flooring career and worked many years ago for Beatty Furniture doing carpeting then worked his way up to learning many other flooring techniques.

After several years he moved his family to Jacksonville Florida. He started his own flooring business and mostly worked in hospitals and new buildings. He does not only carpet but vinyl, ceramic and just about any type of flooring and from time to time some ceramic tile showers.

In 2010 he started his band Bleeding in Stereo. Keith was lead vocalist and lead guitarist. He and his band have several albums and videos. Check them out on YouTube. They became pretty well know in the Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Their first album “Black or White” was used as the opening song for WWE wrestling tag team Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel. Pretty cool for a small town guy to have his music used for a huge televised event. The band played pretty steady till 2022. While now taking a break from Bleeding in Stereo Keith started playing bass guitar with the band Losing Daylight. He was happy to just play guitar which has always been his passion. He also started recording in his studio some albums for some other bands. His love for music is such a blessing to others, whether it be performing, teaching, recording or singing. Keith through time has taught himself how to play just about any instrument that he can play with his hands. From guitar, drums, piano to pretty much anything string. A little bit of his talent was passed down from his Grandma Grace LeVier who also played acoustic guitar and had a beautiful voice.

Keith also writes songs and all his albums for Bleeding in Stereo have original songs wrote mostly by him alone.

Keith and Sweet Melissa


While taking the break from Bleeding in Stereo Keith was doing some recording in his studio when a lovely lady named Sweet Melissa came in to record some of her songs. Both share a love for music and were recovering from failed relationships and soon realized they had a love for each other. They now have formed the band “Street Preacher” which has a country, blues and old school rock vibe. Keith is doing what he loves just playing guitar and Sweet Melissa is on vocals. They have been booking gigs left and right and even competed in the Blues Festival in Nashville Tennessee this past April. They’re producing and writing their own songs as well as performing some cover songs. They both hope to be able to give up their day jobs and just make music together.

They will be coming to perform at the Perry Township Community Days on Friday, September 8, 2023 from 6-9 pm

Come check them out and show your support for this local artist.

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