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Butler VA Hosts Annual VA 2K Walk & Roll Event

Butler, Pennsylvania — Butler VA Health Care System will be hosting the 14th Annual VA 2K Walk & Roll and Event May 14 – 16 at VA locations in Butler, Lawrence, and Mercer counties.  The annual event encourages people to live active lifestyles and allows participants to support homeless Veterans through voluntary donations of non-perishable food, clothing, and other personal care items.  VA medical centers across the nation participate in this event that often includes a short two-kilometer walk (or 1.24 miles).  Information tables will be available at the event sharing information about VA health care eligibility and enrollment, PACT Act, suicide prevention, women Veteran programs, health and wellness programs, and more, as well as interactive activities.

“The VA2K is a fun activity for all that focuses on moving the body – getting people to be more active,” comments Meridith Paterson, Whole Health and VA 2K Coordinator.

Veterans and their families, VA employees and volunteers, and community partners are invited to participate in the walk and roll event and are encouraged to support the Homeless Veterans Program with a donation.  Requested items can be obtained by calling the Butler VA’s Voluntary Services office at 724-477-5010.

Butler VA’s 2K Walk & Roll events will be held on the following dates, rain or shine:

·May 14, 2024

11am – 1 pm (EST)

Michael A. Marzano VA Outpatient Clinic

295 North Kerrwood Drive, Suite 110

Hermitage, PA  16148

May 15, 2024

11am – 1 pm (EST)

Abie Abraham VA Health Care Center, 353 North Duffy Road, Butler PA  16001

• May 15, 2023

1:30pm – 3 :30 pm (EST)

Butler VA Health Care System, 325 New Castle Road, Butler PA  16001

• May 16, 2024

11am – 1 pm (EST)

Lawrence County VA Clinic

1750 New Butler Road

New Castle, PA  16101

Last year, there were 161 participants and donations totaled $14,448.

The VA 2K event is presented by the VA’s Employee Whole Health Program and inspires Veterans and VA staff to live healthier lifestyles and reduce preventable injuries and illnesses.  For more information about the VA 2K Walk & Roll event or to learn more about VA’s Whole Health approach to care go to or call Karen Justi, Whole Health Program Manager, at 878-271-6717, or Meridith Paterson, Whole Health and VA 2K Coordinator, at 878-271-6718.

Not enrolled? On March 5, VA announced that all Veterans who were exposed to toxins and other hazards while serving in the military, home or abroad, are now eligible to enroll directly in VA health care. Veterans who served in the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Global War on Terror, or any other combat zone after 9/11 are eligible to enroll in VA health care without first applying for VA benefits. Veterans who never deployed but were exposed to toxins or hazards while training or on active duty in the United States are now eligible to enroll.  Learn how the PACT Act is helping Veterans and their survivors by visiting VA’s PACT Act Dashboard. To apply for care or benefits, visit or call 1-800-MYVA411. 

To be eligible to enroll in VA health care, Veterans must meet the minimum active-duty service requirements, have a qualifying discharge, and meet one or more eligibility requirements specific to VA health care.  VA encourages all Veterans to apply to determine their enrollment eligibility.

More information on eligibility can be found at or by calling Butler VA’s enrollment team at 800-362-8262.

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