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Chicora Fifth Grade Celebrates Pancake Day

The Chicora Fifth Grade recently celebrated Pancake Day, inspired by the theme of their first Inspire Science module concentrating on matter, mixtures, and physical & chemical changes. In class their teacher

Mrs. Kristen Fleeger has been instructing them about the necessary information so they could create their own pancake recipe, complete with “mix-ins” and toppings. Students had complete control of their recipe (what went into their mixture), and with several mom helpers, they controlled when to flip their pancake as well, controlling the ending consistency of their chemical change. After eating, students then had to complete a rating form, making them think about their mixtures and toppings and what went well in the project, also what they would have changed to make things easier or better.

The fifth grade gave the activity 5/5 and gave amazing input regarding their learning about how their mixtures made a chemical change.

The class would like to thank Mrs. McCollough, Mrs. Conklin, & Mrs. Ritzert for helping with pancake day.

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