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ATV Venango is a chapter within the corporation ATV Traction, which is a club that includes ATV/UTV owner members from across PA. For the past 18 years, the Venango chapter has located landowners who were willing to allow their trails to be developed and has maintained them for our members.

ATV Traction Venango gives back to our community in more ways than trail maintenance. Our charitable endeavors have included yearly donations to local food pantries, donations to the Emlenton Boys and Girls Club, and previously until relocated, the children at the Clintonville Head Start Program in the form of winter coats, toys, and gifts around the Christmas Holiday.

People who wish to ride these trails join ATV traction. Our website ATV has member information and the membership form online. Members submit the application, proof of machine registration, and insurance, and pay a yearly membership fee of $48.00 ($30 for Venango trail maintenance and $18 for corporate oversight). Members can access trails from any of our three chapters' trail systems, and members have access to trail maps to guide the use of these trails. Members display a sticker on their machine and fly a member number flag as well. The sticker and flag provide other riders and the landowners with proof of membership.

Despite concerns about non-members accessing the trails, ATV Traction Venango continues to maintain the trails including the addition of bridges, fill for trail maintenance, and tree/debris clearing. This maintenance is important to preserving riding into the future. The maintenance is also important for landowner relations with our members and Chapter. ATV Venango would like to invite those nonmembers who want to ride our trails to join our affordable season-long membership to help us continue to enjoy trail riding in this beautiful PA locale.

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