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Early Ford V-8 Club Visits Local Radio Museum

Members of the Ford V8 Club pose for a picture outside of Check’s Radio Museum.


Saturday April 15, 2023, the Early Ford V-8 Club visited Pat & Mel Checks Radio Museum in Karns City, PA. The visit was set up by Nancy Collett, a member of the club. The 3000 radios displayed and the setting along the Allegheny River was enjoyed by all.

The Check Radio Museum opened in 1999 and features a personal collection that offers a bit of everything. Check’s Radio Museum is a definite “check out” in the area. Mel Check worked as engineer for KDKA for nearly forty years before he and his wife Mel moved to the Karns City area in 1998. The museum and some of its KDKA memorabilia can be seen on display.

An online article written by Jim Cheney entitled “Checking Out Antique Radios at Check’s Radio Museum” gives the reader a good idea of what to expect, “There are many fascinating museums in Pennsylvania that have arisen out of a private collection, such as the American Military Edged Weaponry Museum, Maridon Museum, The Fifties Place, the Isett Heritage Museum, and the Swigart Museum, but this is definitely one of the best.”

The museum is located at 660 Hillville Road and encompasses one large room above Check’s detached garage and is quite a personal collection.

Come take a look at how the radio industry has evolved over the years while soaking in some history. The museum is open to the public by appointment and is free of charge by contacting Mel Check at 724-526-5202.

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