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Farewell from Divani Founders

As we swiftly approach the first days of summer, the light that grew throughout winter and spring will begin again to recede. It is like this in nature as in life, that cycles turn things round from one thing to another. It is with this momentum that we, at Divani Chocolatier, make the opportunity to bow graciously as we move on to the next chapter of our lives. With great pride and pleasure, we announce the passage of our quaint chocolate shop in Foxburg to the next adventurer.

We’ve had the pleasure to work with many fellow business members in the valley including all Foxburg business, The Crow’s Cupboard, Amazing Stitches and several others that have come and gone. We also worked with businesses in Saxonburg, Butler, Gibsonia, Portersville, Harmony, Clarion, and New Bethlehem and to this day regularly supply chocolates to Core Goods in Oil City, who have been great supporters and friends.

We don’t have the words to fully describe our gratitude to our customers for their generous support, but we acknowledge how they went out of their way to ensure our success. Generous tips were common when business was slow during off seasons. We would advertise a special confection for a discounted price and our dearest patrons would wait until the offer expired to visit us and ask for the treat. The list of profound gestures and kindness shown is endless. You all helped build this business over the years, which allowed us to raise our family in one of the best places to live on the planet. For that, we are forever grateful.

Lastly, we’ve developed a number of friendships with many of our customers. If anyone would like to stay in touch as we proceed onward, please reach out and ask us for ways to do so. It’s been an honor being a favorite sweet shop in the valley for the past seventeen years. May God bless you all for all the good that you do each and every day of your blessed lives!

Our last day open is Sunday, June 16th. We welcome you to come see us before we move along.


Melissa and Vaibhav Bawa

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