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Final $1.25M Received for Water and Sewage Facility Construction

Butler, PA – County Commissioners for the County of Butler today announced that a $1.25 million grant has been confirmed from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC). This represents the final piece of funding for the $4.66 million project which will bring clean drinking water and safe wastewater treatment to the Allegheny-Clarion Valley Business Park. The facility is currently served by a failing water/wastewater facility that has been cited by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for serious deficiencies.

This final grant is the culmination of over four years of research, study, and exploration of all available avenues of funding. Previous major funding has included an H2O PA Water Supply, Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water Projects Grant of $1 million received in 2020, $1.2 million secured through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds in 2022, and other local matches.

These new systems will provide clean and safe water/wastewater treatment to the over 400 individuals currently employed in the A-C Valley Business Park and protect an annual payroll of $30 million. Without this DEP mandated corrective action, the serious public health and safety issues created by the deteriorating systems could have led to substantial job loss and an economic downturn that would reverberate throughout Butler County. Instead, with the completion of this project, capacity of the new systems will create opportunity for development and growth that was not previously available.

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