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Final Call for Officer Dennis P. Sloan

Updated: May 27, 2022

The U.S. Flag displayed

in honor of Officer,

Dennis P. Sloan


The Emlenton Fire Department Station 55, laid to rest, Dennis P. Sloan, one of their senior members of the Volunteer Fire Department on Wednesday, January 19, 2022.

The funeral services were held at the Hile Funeral Home, on Kerr Ave., in Emlenton, Pa. The funeral service began at 11:00 A.M. with an opening prayer and remarks by Rev. Tim Farkas, the fire department's chaplain. Rev. Steven Harrell, pastor of the Emlenton United Methodist church then continued with the funeral service with prayer, song, and reflections on the life of Dennis Sloan and his dedication and commitment to the Volunteer Fire Department and service to Emlenton’s EMT and Quick Response Service that he served for 37 years.

Rev. Robert G. Hile Jr. led the committal service before the solemn firemen’s final call, also known as a bell service.

Pallbearers are seen here escorting the coffin from the Hile Funeral Home.


With the sun shining and a cold breeze that seemed to disappear as Officer Sloan was gracefully placed on the 1949 American LaFrance Fire Truck #1, a procession began from the funeral home to the Eau Claire Cemetery.

With Dennis’ passing, many of those who knew him realized what an inspiration he was. Knowing that Dennis had life-long health issues, he never publicly complained about it. He would rather serve his community, as he did than be served. Dennis served his community well, and for that, he will be long remembered.

Officer Sloan’s coat is placed on the front seat of the LaFance Fire Truck.


Dennis P. Sloan’s complete obituary can be read on this website at:

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