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Food Bank Distribution

The monthly distribution for the Perry Township, Clarion County Food Bank­­ will be on Tuesday, November 21st between 5 pm and 6 pm.

Unlike some other food banks our resources are limited. We ask that if you do not need to use the food bank please respect that others may need it more.

We are tireless in our efforts to help and our blessed by doing so. The food bank is the third Tuesday of every month between 5 pm and 6 pm.

We are located in the Park Hill Church of God with the physical address of 3314 Lime Plant Road, Parker, PA. 16049.

Please respect the new traffic pattern of entering the first entrance and around the back of the building stopping at the end doors.

For more information call Kay Caldwell at 724-399-2053 or Bonnie Jordan at 814-358-2352.

Anyone wishing to donate to the Food Bank may do so by dropping off food at the church or mail monetary donations to:

The Perry Township Community Food Bank

621 Pollock Lane

Parker, PA 16049

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