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Former PA State Trooper, US Marine Announces Candidacy for PA Legislative District 63

Darlene Smail of Kittanning Township, Armstrong County has announced that she will seek the Republican nomination for the seat of retiring PA District 63 State Representative Donna Oberlander.

Darlene is an America First fiscal and conservative Constitutional Republican. One of her top priorities is bringing growth to the 63rd District by removing unnecessary barriers to small business growth and removing bureaucratic barriers to municipality operations. She is a strong supporter of educational choice, as well as keeping politics out of the classroom. Additionally, she would like to align high school vocational skills and adult education to area business development. Smail also plans to address voter integrity concerns within the state to include vigorously supporting a Constitutional Amendment for state-wide Voter ID.

Further, Smail states, “My roots are in rural Pennsylvania. I grew up in Perry County. I worked as a Trooper in Washington, Greene, and Butler Counties. And I have lived in Armstrong County for the past 30 years. I also understand that many residents of Armstrong and Clarion Counties feel that their voices are not being heard in Harrisburg. Too often politicians promise to represent their constituents and later, when they get to Harrisburg, instead, do the complete opposite and surrender to the will of the career politicians. I will be your voice in Harrisburg and I will stand strong for our values. I have the courage to be a leader and champion for all of District 63.”

Darlene Smail is Pro-Life and is a staunch supporter of all of our Constitutional Rights, including our 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms. She and her husband, Brad, have been married for 31 years. They have two adult children and two grandchildren.

Additionally, Darlene will be hosting a campaign launch party and petition signing event, “Pizza and Petitions". at Joe’s Pizzeria, 710 Broad Street. New Bethlehem on Tuesday, January 23. at 6 p.m. Darlene will also have President Trump’s petitions available to sign. President Trump has a goal of at least 1.000 signatures per county in PA. Come join us for a slice!

Anyone with additional questions for Darlene, or who would like to assist with her campaign, may reach out to her at (724) 902-2244; or through her Facebook page.

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