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Forsythe Opens Voodoo Ink Gallery

Trace Forsythe owner of Voodoo Ink Gallery at his shop in St. Petersburg, PA.


Story and photo by Brad Rapp

The tattoo, some people love them and others hate them and most for a lack of thought, just don’t understand them. Regardless, tattooing was believed at one time to be a form of healing and since then has evolved into an art and a billion dollar industry. In the United States nearly $1.6 billion dollars each year is spent getting inked up. By 2030 the projected dollar amount is set to reach nearly $4 billion. Today, nearly 58 % of women and 41% of men have at least one tattoo.

Locally, Trace Forsythe of St. Petersburg opened Voodoo Ink Gallery this past June in the St. Petersburg Community Center. Forsythe who has spent the last four and half years in the culinary field is well versed in working long hours, has worked for a variety of clients along the way and looks forward to establishing his new endeavor, Voodoo Ink Gallery, into a top notch business. Forsythe, who is not only artistic, has all the character traits (organized, flexible, detail oriented, artistic, solid work ethic) of the tattoo artists who have become very successful. A stroll into Voodoo Ink Gallery you can tell this young and up and coming entrepreneur is serious about what he does. The shop is very clean, organized, decorated in a comforting fashion and inviting.

Forsythe, who has dabbled in art throughout high school, took the leap into the tattoo field to bring forth his artistic ability and help people create their ideas through personal reflection. Behind almost every tattoo is a personal story. For Forsythe it’s about helping his clients express themselves through art. “Art has always been a big part of my life, no matter what I am doing I try to be creative”, stated Forsythe. Already fascinated on the art side, Forsythe became locked in when he got a tattoo on his chest about a year ago. From that point on, Forsythe knew this was a business for him. “I wanted to learn more about it and get involved. With so many people getting tattoos I felt it was a great way to connect with my community”.

Whether you have never had a tattoo or looking to add to your collection, Forsythe can accommodate and will sit down with you and go over the whole process and make sure you are comfortable and understand the process, especially for first time seekers. As Forsythe states, “getting a tattoo is not difficult, you just need to know what you want and where you want it.”

This holiday season Voodoo Ink Gallery has gift certificates available for those looking for a unique gift idea. For anyone looking to make an appointment they can call Trace at 814-221-3259.

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