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Fox-Hunt Community Park Master Development Plan Presented

Bob Genter of Mackin Engineers and Consultants gave a power point presentation of the Foxburg, Fox-Hunt Community Park Master Site Development Plan.


A large crowd attended the at the Crawford Center on Hill Street in Emlenton on Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023, to hear the presentation by the Allegheny River Trail in Clarion County, ARTinCC, master plan for the Fox-Hunt Community Park for Foxburg.

Welcoming everyone was Dr. Dennis Keyes, ARTinCC Board member and co-chair of the Park Committee. The other co-chair of the park committee is John Soroka. Keyes talked about the committees work on the park, and that their approved DCNR is now in the process of fulfillment, and how work on the park can soon begin.

The Park Planning Committee has been meeting regularly and was soliciting input from those in attendance at the meeting.

Keys said of the meeting, “We had a good turnout, almost 50 people, many of whom left us some great ideas for the park. We will try to incorporate as many as possible. A big “Thank you” to all of our volunteers who helped put this plan together. And thank you to the politicians who helped us get our grants and continue to support us, notably, Senator Scott Hutchinson who attended the meeting, Representative Donna Oberlander, and Clarion County Commissioners; Ted Tharan, Ed Heasley and Wayne Brosius.”

The master site park development plan was presented by Bob Genter of Mackin Engineers and Consultants.

Members of the park planning committee will be at the Foxburg Festival on October 15 for anyone with questions or ideas for the park. They will also be offering several items for purchase to help raise funds for the project.

“Connecting Foxburg to Emlenton and Parker will be an economic boost to the communities,” said Keyes. He added that, “The valley used to be commercial and industrial, today it will grow economically through tourism and recreational development”.

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