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Foxburg Golf Preservation Seeks Information

Tennis courts were once a part of the Foxburg Golf course.

A shot of the old picnic grove area nestled among the trees.

Foxburg Golf Preservation Seeks Information

As we age, our bodies need a little help resisting the effects of gravity. Our cars need the oil changed and may get a few dings and scratches requiring paint. Certainly, our homes need attention from time to time to keep them attractive and comfortable. Golf courses are no different; over the years sand traps need rebuilt, new tees need placed, trees need removed or replaced, and some golf courses completely rebuild their greens. Now, apply that thought process to a golf course that’s 134 years old.

That course is Foxburg Country Club. This little 9 hole course is the oldest course in continuous use in the country. Golf was first played there in 1887 when Joseph Mickle Fox returned from Scotland having learned to play the game while there. And it’s been played in Foxburg every year since. Talk about wear and tear, and at a time when many golf courses across the country are under stress to attract play.

That’s why a group of folks from across western Pennsylvania and the nation came together last year to form The Foxburg Golf Preservation (FGP), a 501(c)3 corporation. This group is dedicated to preserving the Foxburg golf course and its history for its members, the public, particularly young players just learning to play, and the game of golf. Included in the process is a plan for renovation of the golf course while maintaining its historic characteristics. A course players of all skill levels can enjoy while appreciating golf course architectural features from the early 1900’s, especially Foxburg’s. That’s where this group needs your help.

FGP is seeking old photographs and documents of the Foxburg golf course that you, or your parents, or your grandparents may have in the attic. While we have some, we don’t have as many as we would like. (It seems not everyone in 1900 carried a cell phone with a camera during their round.) We are most interested in photographs prior to 1950. If you have photos or documents or copies of the same you are willing to share with Foxburg Golf Preservation, they would be much appreciated. They will be used to help guide the development of the renovation plan.

You may send anything you are willing to share to Foxburg Golf Preservation, P. O. Box 326, Foxburg, PA 16036. If you would like to get something to Foxburg Golf Preservation other than through US mail, please send a message to Whether you chose mail or email, please provide your contact information and instructions for returning your photograph. Please indicate if you are donating the picture and/or would like the photo returned.

Your help in preserving this historic course will be appreciated.

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