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Garden Club of Clarion County

Members of the Garden Club of Clarion County met at the Bistro at Water Run in Clarion, Pennsylvania on May 10, 2022. The Shippenville/Marianne group hosted the event. Deb Lauer, President called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone in attendance.

Following a lunch of Wisconsin Cheddar Soup, Vegetable or Meat Quiche, Fruit Plate; Assorted Muffins and Brownie Bottom Cheesecake for desert. the regular meeting was held. Plans were made to clean up the Riverhill area taken care of by the Garden Club.

The Cancer Center garden and Blue Star Memorial areas were reported in good shape at this time. Some plans were made to hold a Woodland Christmas event in November 2023.

Garden Club members held a plant auction following the regular business meeting.

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