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Hand Made Beanies and Scarves For Ukraine

L-R: Doreen Cline, of the Parker Presbyterian Church and Patricia Sellers, of the Eau Claire Presbyterian Church, are seen here displaying their hats and scarves.


Hand Made Beanies and Scarves For Ukraine

How are Eau Claire and Parker PA connected to Ukraine? The answer is several skeins of yarn, a crochet hook, two churches, Eau Claire/Parker Presbyterian Church USA and a relationship.

Having a close relationship with Todd and Veronika Gallagher, living in Romania, and their current ministry of taking supplies into Ukraine, birthed a question. What can we do?

Todd Gallagher grew up in Parker, met and married Veronika who grew up in Ukraine. They have three children. When Russia invaded Ukraine, they had to relocate their ministry to Romania.

Doreen Cline, having received several bags full of skeins of yarn, asked Todd about making hats and scarves for Ukraine.

With a resounding “yes”, and a sense of purpose, the crocheting began. The ladies, Doreen Cline, Carol Bowser, and Pat Sellers and Peggy King, have crocheted eighty plus hats and scarfs.

So far about fifty hats and scarves, sizes infants to adults, have been hand delivered directly to Todd and Veronika for distribution in Ukraine.

Plans to deliver the remaining hats and scarves are to be determined.

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