In Loving Memory of Velma Pennington

Velma Pennington

In Loving Memory of

Velma Pennington

who passed away 5 years ago

on Aug. 29, 2015.

Your life was full

but not long enough

You faced challenges but always stayed tough

You touched so many,

who never will forget

The way you shaped the lives of all that you met.

Your family, friends

and all those you knew

Know there’s one thing

we all can say is true

Despite what many saw

as you facing strife

You never lost your zest for fun and love and life.

For that, we thank you, Velma, Mom, Grandma.

It will be five years

of missing you

on August 29th.

We treasure our loving memories of you.

Dearly Loved &

Missed by your devoted husband and family

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