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In loving memory of Wes Osmer

In loving memory of our beloved

Wes Osmer

whose birthday is November 3, 1966.

As some people journey through life,

they leave footprints of kindness and love,

courage and compassion, joy and faith.

Even when they are gone, the trail they have

left behind continues to inspire us.

Happy Birthday Wes,



Wes Osmer


What was once such a happy day,

brings many painful sorrows.

A day when silent tears are shed for all

your lost tomorrows.

No special birthday cards, or gifts,

just a message fond and true.

To say not a day goes by without

precious thoughts of you.

Happy Birthday Wes!


Much love and greatly missed.

Sandy, Keith, Gregory, Jonathan, Dan,

Heather, Wesley and Dash.

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