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Into The Outdoors: Get Your Spiritual Thoughts Flowing

By Toni Rossi,

Director of Communications

Yes, it’s that time of year again! I don’t mean pumpkin spice season—though it is that, too. What I’m referring to is the publication of The Christophers’ annual “Three Minutes a Day” book (Volume 57), which includes 365 stories, plus Scripture verses and prayers, that will add light and wisdom to each day of the coming year. Originally created by our founder, Father James Keller, M.M., this book continues to play a vital role in many people’s lives.

Some friends tell us they read each day’s selection first thing in the morning to get their spiritual thoughts flowing. Others keep a copy on their night tables to end the day with a few moments of meditation. Still other readers seek a break during their busy days by turning another page. Another popular aspect of “Three Minutes a Day,” and all our Christopher work, is its broad appeal. As one commenter told us, “The Christopher message is important because it is inclusive and helps people with their faith, whether they are devout or lax.”

So, what kinds of stories will you find in “Three Minutes a Day”? Here is one example: When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, teenager Keslar Just of Loudoun County, Virginia, got the idea to send letters to lonely seniors who were quarantined in nursing homes, inviting them to be her pen pal. She only got one response, though, from 92-year-old Jean Peck in Henrietta, New York. As reported by WJLA-TV, the two wrote 80 letters to each other over the course of two years and even talked on the phone several times. A beautiful bond was formed between these two women from different generations.

Early in 2022, Peck’s family let Keslar know that she was put in hospice care. Keslar, now a college student, immediately traveled to New York to visit her friend in person before she passed away. Though Peck had been unresponsive, Keslar’s visit perked her right up. Keslar said, “Seeing it in person, when Jean reached out to hold my hand and she became responsive…the family was very appreciative for our relationship and our letters. I will always remember our relationship and what that brought to both of us.”

Isn’t that a beautiful story of intergenerational friendship? Here’s another “Three Minutes a Day” entry about improving your spiritual life: Alyson Rockhold realized her prayer life had fallen into a rut due to “broken-record prayer syndrome.” That’s repeating “the same lists of praises and pleas every day,” without ever going deeper. Upon reflection, she found that making more time for silence and consciously practicing gratitude both helped.

Rockhold also advised “becoming a detective of grace.” Writing at Busted Halo, she observed, “Being a detective of grace requires giving up my addiction to rushing, running, and cramming my schedule so overly full. Detectives need time to fully evaluate situations, look around, and take stock of what they see…God’s presence is all around us, yet we so often miss the treasure in plain sight. When we start to look for signs of God’s love in this world, He is faithful to reveal it to us. And once we start recognizing God at work, we find more and more to pray about and be thankful for every day…[to see] evidence of God’s goodness hidden in plain sight.”

Consider buying copies of “Three Minutes a Day: Volume 57” as Christmas gifts for yourself and others for $10. Call 1-212-759-4050, ext. 241 — or visit us online at

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