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Into the Outdoors: Out Fishn’ and Other Stuff

You know, this is one of the best times of the whole year. It’s not just about fishing, but lots of other stuff, too. The leaves are really starting to come out. It rains a lot, but at least it’s not snow. Birds are singing their mating songs like it’s going out of style. Tomorrow, it will be May, when summer unofficially begins, unless you are a student or a teacher. It’s just a really nice time to be alive. In fact, it’s my very favorite month of the whole year. We have a whole summer of fun ahead of us.

You know, feeding birds can get a bit on the expensive side. This year, a pileated woodpecker has been hitting the suet cakes that I put out. These big woodpeckers are usually a creature of the deep woods, so it’s great to see one at the feeder. He surely goes through the suet, though. As for the other birds, all they seem to want is sunflower seeds. They can polish off a fifty pound bag in a surprisingly short time. I don’t even bother with bird seed assortments anymore. The birds just throw the other seeds on the ground to get to the sunflower seeds included in the mixture.

Of course, bears are now out in full force. That means that it is important to bring your bird feeders in at night. The photo shows a big Brady’s Bend bruin, captured on Dave Lewis’ trailcam.

Of course, I have often written about trout for breakfast. A number of folks have expressed skepticism about that. It’s really simple. Fry up a couple of trout filets, some home fries (I use store bought canned potatoes) and a couple of “dippy” eggs. Top it off with toast, and there you have it. Like my old college chum, the late Dave Detwiler, used to say, “Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.”

A while back, I bought a RADA filet knife. It is really great. It came with a little sharpener which makes the edge razor sharp. If you get a chance to buy one, do so. You will not regret it. If you are going to filet fish, a good knife, that will hold an edge, is absolutely essential. This one will do it.

A few yeas ago, in this column, I published a verse from a poem that I saw posted in the old Campbell’s Hardware Store in East Brady. It was called “Out Fishin’.” Ultimately, I did a search for it on the Internet and found it in its entirety. I thought that, with all of the fishing heating up as it is now, it might be fun to feature it yet again. It’s by Edgar Guest, and here it is.

Out Fishin’

Edgar Guest 

A feller isn’t thinkin’ mean,

Out fishin’;

His thoughts are mostly good an’ clean,

Out fishin’.

He doesn’t knock his fellow men.

Or harbor any grudges then;

A feller’s at his finest when

Out fishin’.


The rich are comrades to the poor,

Out fishin’;

All brothers of a common lure,

Out fishin’.

The urchin with the pin an’ string

Can chum with millionaire an’ king;

Vain pride is a forgotten thing,

Out fishin’.

A feller gits a chance to dream,

Out fishin’;


He learns the beauties of a stream,

Out fishin’;

An’ he can wash his soul in air

That isn’t foul with selfish care,

An’ relish plain and simple fare,

Out fishin’.

A feller has no time fer hate,

Out fishin’;

He isn’t eager to be great,

Out fishin’.

He isn’t thinkin’ thoughts of pelf,

Or goods stacked high upon a shelf,

But he is always just himself,

Out fishin’.


A feller’s glad to be a friend,

Out fishin’

A helpin’ hand he’ll always lend,

Out fishin’.

The brotherhood of rod an’ line

An’ sky and stream is always fine;

Men come real close to God’s design,

Out fishin’.


A feller isn’t plotting schemes,

Out fishin’;

He’s only busy with his dreams,

Out fishin’.

His livery is a coat of tan,

His creed -to do the best he can;

A feller’s always mostly man,

Out fishin’. 

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