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KC Inspiring Gremlins Kickoff Kindness Campaign with Shirt Fundraiser

The Inspiring Gremlins, the youth committee for Karns City Communities That Care, is launching their first annual Kindness Campaign. They believe in the power of kindness and that the campaign will bring forth intentional acts of kindness in our schools, workplaces and the community. They are challenging kids and adults alike in our community to be kind to one another by offering a smile, giving a high five, paying for a stranger’s drink or meal, befriending someone new, or in any way you’d like! The Inspiring Gremlins are selling “ALWAYS BE KIND” shirts in schools, businesses, and other organizations-and would love to have everyone wear their “ALWAYS BE KIND” shirts on Friday in April as a visible reminder to others to be kind.  Monies raised from shirt sales will help fund youth activities and programming for Karns City CTC.

The shirts are a medium gray with gold ink design (pictured above).  The cost is $10 each, and you also have the option to purchase a shirt to be donated to a child who would like one, but can’t afford one. If interested, please contact us at 724-496-7225 or email

“One random act of kindness can change someone’s entire day.”

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