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Mustello Appointed to Three House Standing Committees

HARRISBURG – Rep. Marci Mustello (R-Butler) announced that she has been appointed to serve as a member of the House Appropriations, Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Gaming Oversight committees for the 2023-24 Legislative Session.

“As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I am committed to protecting the hard-earned money of the taxpayers of Butler County” said Mustello. “I will work tirelessly to ensure that our state’s budget is efficient, effective, and accountable, and that it reflects the needs and priorities of our community.”

As all state budget legislation must originate in the House of Representatives, the House Appropriations Committee is the primary committee of the General Assembly tasked with overseeing state government spending, state fiscal policies and developing a state budget each fiscal year.

“I am very pleased to have Rep. Mustello on the Appropriations Committee,” said Appropriations Chairman Seth Grove. ”Her experience is going to be needed to assist the Committee’s many upcoming tasks, from reviewing the state budget, to providing meaning oversight over Government spending and programs.”

The House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee deals with an array of legislation directly affecting the state’s farmers and farming operations. It also handles issues impacting the timber industry, horse and harness racing regulation, food safety and restaurant inspections, Dog Law enforcement and kennel licensure, the use of pesticides, and the administration of state-funded programs to promote agriculture in Pennsylvania.

The House Gaming Oversight Committee is responsible for overseeing Pennsylvania’s gaming industry, including the dealing of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. The committee is required to carefully examine all future legislation regarding the gaming and the state’s gambling industry before it reaches the full House of Representatives for consideration.

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