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On Sunny Lane: How Important Is It?

It appears that I have put my big fat foot in my big fat mouth. I did not engage my brain before I put my pen in gear. I may have bitten the hand that feeds me. If I think of any more appropriate cliches, I will let you know.

In last week's column, I was so involved with the confusion that led to me making a questionable purchase that I neglected to state how important newspaper advertising really is.

After all, if businesses don't advertise, how will anybody know anything about anything? They will need to find out the hard way. They will need to go from store to store, pick up items and ask questions.

How will businesses increase their sales, turn a profit and remain in business? They would need to just stand in the doorway of their shops and hope that someone needs what they have to offer and come in to shop.

If businesses do not advertise in newspapers, how will newspapers survive? They would have to charge sky-high subscription rates just to produce the paper. Citizens would lose out on local, state and country-wide news.

Without the stores and businesses that advertise in the newspaper, where would people work? Who would support their families, pay taxes to uplift the community?

We need those businesses and we need those newspapers and we need that advertising. Those ads usually contain a lot of items that are on sale. At this time in history, when expenses are climbing, we need to find a bargain everywhere we can. It's doggone nice of those stores to give us a break from time to time--especially at the holiday season. After all, an informed shopper is a wise shopper.

Some people can't wait to get those ads, so they can budget their money wisely. I have done that, too, but not so much any more. I have probably missed out on some bargains. On the other hand, I have probably fallen into a bargain that I didn't know existed from time to time.

The only false advertising I have encountered is the piece of apparel I found on a rack in a thrift store where it didn't belong. I think the clerk who put it there was just as confused as I was.


Dorothy is the author of two books—“Miles and Miracles” and “Getting It All Together “. You can purchase a book or make a comment by emailing her at

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