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On Sunny Lane: It’s Not What It Seems

I think I’m done celebrating my birthday for this year.

I originally only celebrated on one day—either the actual day or one that was more convenient. Then, as time went on, and friends and family wanted to do special things, it expanded to a week. Now I have a birthday month. 

weetheart says I now have a birthday year, but he exaggerates.

I just like to celebrate. I enjoy other people’s birthdays, too. I’m not picky.

One of the things I was looking forward to enjoying, after my party was over and I had had my cake and ice cream, was coconut cream pie a couple of days later. 

One of my friends has a birthday on the same day as mine. The plan was for Sweetheart and me to get three pieces and join her for a snack at her shop on Saturday.

We went to the local restaurant, where they make excellent desserts, in hope of picking up our dessert. When I went in, the place was packed. All of the tables were full and the lobby was full of people waiting to be seated.

I weaved my way through those people who were waiting to be seated and those waiting to check out, so I could take a  look at the showcase. There were many delectable delicacies displayed, but no coconut cream pie.

When I returned to the car, Sweetheart and I had to plan our next move. We decided to go to the chain restaurant just on the next block. They had far fewer customers and no coconut cream pie. The host referred us to the restaurant where we had already been.

Sweetheart and I next decided to go to the supermarket down the road, where they also have a bakery. I wended my way through the tables and trays of goodies and arrived at the counter. The attendant said that, if they had what I was looking for, it would be in the frozen food section.

Lo and behold! There was, indeed, coconut cream pie in the frozen food section. It would have been tasty, too, except that it would not have been thawed in time for us to enjoy it before my friend’s closing time.

We decided to return to the original restaurant and purchase another delectable dessert, instead of the one I had my heart set on.

I gazed at all of the treats under the glass and settled on individual upside-down cakes. By now, however, the crowd had subsided considerably, so I thought there would be no harm in asking the cashier if they might have some coconut cream pie in the kitchen.

Lo and behold! They did!

We got three pieces of pie to go; took them to our friend’s shop; and enjoyed our dessert.

It’s too bad I made assumptions about the absence of the pie at the local restaurant. It’s too bad I didn’t do a little investigating, just by asking a simple question.

Things are not always what they seem. It might just be to our advantage to dig a little deeper into all matters of importance. What you see doesn’t always need to be what you get.


Dorothy is the author of two books—“Miles and Miracles” and “Getting It All Together “. You can purchase a book or make a comment by emailing her at

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