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Shumaker Has 2nd Book Published

Jeff Shumaker, author, is seen here holding a copy of his second book entitled, “In The Beginning”.


Local artist / musician/ singer song-writer and now author, Jeff Shumaker pens two books. “Having been a fan of reading and books all my life I always wanted to try writing a book of my own.” stated Shumaker.

Back in 2011 while off work for medical reasons, Jeff had plenty of time on his hands so he decided to try writing. Without a clear vision of where he wanted the story to go he started writing Jason Holly and the Parrot. Over 26,000 words later he had a short story in print. Jason Holly and the Parrot is a fictional account of two young adults and a sharp-tongued parrot. Mad cap insanity and deep soul searching like you've never seen before is the premise of this book. Fast forward to 2023 and another book idea formed entitled "In the Beginning". A comedic but insightful take on the creation story in the bible all the way up to the Tower of Babal.

Copies are limited at this time but can be obtained. Both of these stories contain adult content and are not for the sensitive or the prude.

The cover of

Shumaker’s first book.


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