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St. Peterburg Resident Co-Authors a Devotional Book - Grace & Mercy: A Devotional Journey

Kathleen “Katie” Yancosek


A St. Petersburg resident has co-authored a devotional book called, “Grace & Mercy”: A Devotional Journey. This book was created from a desire for a fresh look at discipleship. As the back of the book cover says, the book explores the progression of the seed planted in a sermon: how truth gets watered, germinates, sprouts grows, and eventually bears fruit. The reader can expect to grow their faith from week to week.

Grace & Mercy is also ideal for book clubs, a weekly gathering of friends and neighbors with a desire to help grow their faith. The book even has suggestions to help your group meetings, a user’s guide. Each chapter ends with a verse of sacred scripture and even a few conversation starters to help the reader and the group.

The inspiration for the book came from Kathleen “Katie” Yancosek. Yancosek is originally from Kane, Pennsylvania. She lived in nine different cities before retiring from the Army in 2017 as a Lieutenant Colonel. She and her husband just moved to St. Petersburg, PA. Katie holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in occupational therapy and a PhD in rehabilitation science. She has co-authored 38 publications. Katie runs a private practice called Upward Call Rehabilitation to help clients with neurological and behavioral health issues.

Chris Dillshaw


Grace & Mercy – A Devotional Journey became a unique partnership project between Katie and her friend and former pastor, Chris Dillshaw, who is the Student and Family Pastor at CrossBridge Community Church in San Antonio, Texas. Chris is a graduate of Baylor University with a degree in Religion. He has over twenty years in ministry and has been preaching since he was fifteen years old, and has preached in more than 25 countries.

This creative partnership with Katie confirmed for Pastor Chris that preaching with stories doesn’t just get a laugh, but actually helps people to connect with God through His Word. This book was an opportunity to witness the impact of sermon messages landing on the hearts of the listeners.

Details of how to obtain the book are found in the ad.

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