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Tick Talk at Scrubgrass Grange

A free informational public program about TICKS will be held at Scrubgrass Grange, 5104 Emlenton-Clintonville Road, Emlenton on Tuesday, May 24th at 7:00 pm. As our area is known as an inhabited area for ticks, we need to become aware of how we can eliminate or reduce exposure to ticks and protect ourselves while we enjoy being outside.

Tick-borne illnesses include bacterial diseases such as Lyme Disease and Anaplasmosis. Deer Tick Virus, or DTV, considered rare but dangerous, has been found in at least 16 Pennsylvania counties. It is important for area residents to understand the life cycle of ticks, how to recognize tick-borne illnesses, and what preventative measures can be used to reduce or eliminate exposure to ticks.

The program, presented by Master Gardener, Dr. Susan Courson, will present information on the life cycle of the tick, methods to help control ticks, and ways to protect yourself from bites. We hope you will join us in learning about ticks.

Scrubgrass Grange is initiating a monthly FREE program titled “Talk Tuesdays” for the surrounding community to make people aware of and informed about local concerns and happenings. Programs will be held at the Scrubgrass Grange, 5104 Emlenton-Clintonville Road, Emlenton, PA 16373 at 7:00 pm. The June 21st program will be about Bitcoin Mining and Blockchain activity occurring at the Scrubgrass Restoration Company (former Scrubgrass Generating Co.). The general public is welcome to attend all programs.

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