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Top Dog Agility Center is Open for Business

An inside look at the Top Dog Agility Center.


Top Dog Agility Center, located at 107 Say Road in Emlenton, is open for business and now accepting clients for dog agility instruction!

The owners, Jo and Tom Weiss, moved from Maine to the Emlenton area in June of 2023 and have spent the last year renovating the horse arena on their property to be used as a dog agility facility. With a new roof, new lighting, new footing, and new equipment, it offers a great environment to learn this fast-growing sport with your furry best friend.

Agility is a sport where dogs run obstacle courses consisting of equipment such as jumps, tunnels, weave poles, A-frame, or dog walk. The handler and dog work as a team to navigate each course successfully, and this requires training of both the human and the dog. The experience of training together can create a special bond between a dog and its handler, one that builds trust, confidence, and pride in the accomplishment. Most dogs enjoy having a “job”, even if that job is a game, and the extra attention and treats are a good thing, too! Agility is a wonderful activity for all ages, from children on up, and happens to be the fastest-growing sport for people over 50, offering low-impact exercise, mental stimulation, new social contacts, camaraderie, and just plain fun with your dog. The agility community is full of wonderful people who share the love of dogs and love of the sport.

Jo has been involved with agility for ten years, achieving numerous championships in multiple agility venues, with her two dogs, Sophie and Archie, both rescued mixed breeds. Instruction is offered at all levels, from foundations to competition level, in both group and private settings.

Future events in the works include Fun Runs, an Open House, and agility competitions coming in 2025! For more information, visit the website at or call Jo at 207-441-3132 to schedule a FREE meet and greet session to get you started on this wonderful, addictively-fun journey called agility!

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