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Town Talk – The “Bread” of the Community

By Lara C. Andreykovich, LCA

I Learned That…

A Positive Exposé of a Local School District during a Pandemic.

I don’t know about you, but my outlook on formal education in the time of Covid has been a bit tarnished after listening to media personalities – not experts, mind you - bulldoze the American education system during the pandemic. As an expert in the field of education (having taught in both K-12 public and higher education settings for a couple of decades, and being a current PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Education), it is important to me to investigate the truth by accessing reliable spokespersons.

In the case of our alleged Covid-induced failure of an education system, the dedicated parents are the genuine authorities on the matter because they, along with their children, have been immersed in the challenge from the onset.

As a proud local newbie in Emlenton, Pennsylvania, and in hopes of brightening my gloomy mindset, I ventured out to gain some insight on the matter from local parents of kids who attend Allegheny Clarion Valley Schools.

Here is what I found out about formal education during the time of Covid from local voices that matter:

I learned that caring parents who agreed to work with their children and their children’s teachers successfully adapted to a situation they initially perceived as hopeless and, as a result, feel empowered.

I learned that, though parents felt ill-equipped to take on an additional teacher’s role and received no training for it, they tackled the challenges and persevered for the good of their children and the community.

I learned that, despite the obstacles faced, involved parents believe that the teachers did a solid job communicating with parents and applaud the teachers dedication for their positive efforts.

I learned that, in spite of the hard blow Covid struck on the children’s social worlds, mindful parents regard them for doing a great job sticking to the rules while maintaining positive attitudes throughout the duration.

Finally, I learned that at some point during the ongoing pandemic, proud parents have witnessed their children developing into strong resilient human beings who looked the face of “alleged” failure in the eye and ultimately succeeded.

Needless to say, but I’ll say it to make myself and anyone who reads this feel good:

The American education system during Covid cannot be labeled a failure, and though it is certainly not perfect, the local teachers, parents, and kids in surrounding areas have emerged victorious.

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