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Upper Elk Acres Pickleball Club Grand Champion - "Call Dave"

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Fred after a pickleball victory! - "Call Dave"


“Call Dave” . . . we have our Upper Elk Acres Pickleball Club 2021 Grand Champion: Fred Ziegler

Looking forward to the 2022 season with more “Cleaner minus 7, 432 Blast Off, Heads, Joel’s Homeroom in 7th Grade, Area Code, Route, He was Hungry, 782, New York?, that‘s a good deal, and just one more game”, so you can defend your Grand Champion Title.

Merry Christmas Fred!


(After every pickleball match, that's played almost every weekend in Knox, Fred Ziegler will call out, "Call Dave". He's referring to the editor of The Progress News. So, one of his fellow weekend pickleball players did call, and the result is a front-page story in The Progress News. It looks like Fred is a good pickleball player!)

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