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Warren to Brokenstraw Island - directions


After passing the pier, keep nearest the right shore down to the head of the riffle which is nearly one-half mile above the bars, and when about half way down the riffle, incline over nearly to the middle, in order to pass between the two bars- one on the right, the other on the left, and a few rods below. In high water, little or no notice need be taken of the one on the right.

REESE'S EDDY, on the right

From Morrison's bars keep near the middle till around the bend, then incline to the left to pass the bars a few rods above the eddy. These bars are of no account in high water.


This island is by far the largest and most valuable of any on the river below Warren. It is about one mile in length, contains about 300 acres, and is valued at $7,000. The island is owned by a Mrs. Mead, a Channel to the right or left-but the right side is most feasible, as it will save crossing back to the right again above the Grass Flat Islands.

Mead's bar makes out from the Island about one-fourth of a mile below the head. It reaches nearly half way from the Island to the right shore and throws a strong current into the right bank. In low running stages, the channel has a rather short turn around the end of the bar, as will be seen by the chart. When past the foot of the Island, keep near the right shore to prepare for


These Islands have hitherto proved themselves rather troublesome customers to many of the lumbermen. But, to assign a reasonable cause for many of the thousand dollars worth of lumber being torn in pieces upon them, would be a task that some of the parties concerned would rather be excused from undertaking. Sometimes pilots from some cause, or no cause at all, have undertaken to go to the left of Jackson's Island and, by so doing, have frequently gotten into hot water themselves and, in some instances, brought others in with them. There is no need of ever going to the left of this Island with a raft. The deepest, safest, and best channel, is to the extreme right of all these Islands, till past the lower Grass Flat. And when down even with the foot of the last named Island, hold to the left and prepare for


Channel to the left. This Island is a kind of a Tadpole shaped thing, Iying close to the right shore. There is but little water to the right of it. At the foot of the Island, on the right, is Scott's Eddy.


This creek rises in Erie County, Pennsylvania, after receiving the waters of Coffee, Hair, Spring, Mullengar and the Little Broken

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