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A-C Valley Jr. & Sr. High Awards Assembly 2023

The year end awards assembly was held at the ACV H.S. Auditorium on Thursday, May 25, 2023.

Many awards, certificates and scholarships were presented at the assembly. Here are a few of the highlights of the day.

Other awards presented were the Glenn Karnes Scholarship to Aletha Farrington and Mackenzie Parks. The Emlenton Alumni scholarship were awarded to Avah Burke and Seth Best.

Perfect attendance for Jaxon Hilliard and Drake Pope.

The BABES puppet program awards were presented to 8 students, the senior athlete awards along with the KSAC All Conference Awards for fall and spring. The Moose Scholarship, “The Heart of the Community Scholarship” was presented by Minnie Logue to Jenna Stefanacci.

Also the Principal List and Honor Roll awards for seniors only were presented. The US Marine Corp. Awards for distinguished athlete, and Scholastic Excellence were given to Alex Preston, Alexis Ruckdeschel and Mikey Card. Presented by Sgt. Trevor Snyder, USMC.

The Mark Rummel Scholarship of $1,000 was awarded to Landon Chalmers, by Karen Ray and Chrissy Shirey.


Drew Whitcomb, (R) was awarded the DAR Good Citizenship Award by Sarah Wiant.


Dr. David McDeavitt, school superintendent presented Alexis Ruckdeschel with the Lillian Heck Scholarship.


Bridget Thorton (L) presented the Stroup Family Nursing Scholarship to Jenna Stefanacci. Jenna will be studying at the PennWest Clarion Nursing program and will be part of the extern program at Clarion Hospital.


The ACV Education Association presented scholarships to three ACV seniors. Pictured here L-R: Mary Rothen, presenter, Alexis Ruckdeschel, $1,000; Aletha Farrington, $1,500; and Avah Burke, $1,500.


Shawn Cora presented three Emlenton Civic Club Scholarships. They were awarded to Drew Whitcomb, Aletha Farrington and Ian Runyan.

Drew Whitcomb also received the Civic Club’s Valedictorian Award.


The Terese & Richard Helmentoller Scholarship recepient was Alexis Ruckdeschel, $500. Dr. David McDeavitt presented the award. (L)


The St. John’s Reformed Trust Scholasdrships were awared to 8 ACV Students. L-R: Dr. David McDeavitt, Avah Burke, $8,000; Ian Runyan $1,000; Landon Chalmers, $4,000; Chloe Myers, $1,000; Drew Chalmers, $1,000; Tadhg McNamara, $3,500; Aletha Farrington, $5,7500; and Alexis Ruckdeschel, $5,750.

The Good Citizenship Award was presented by Senator Scott Hutchinson to Alex Preston and Ava Burke.


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