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A-C Valley Kindgarten Registration

The ACV School District is currently developing plans for the registration of children who will be entering Allegheny-Clarion Valley in August 2023. To be eligible to attend Kindergarten, a student must be 5 years old before July 1, 2023. To enter first grade, a student must be 6.


A child must have the following immunizations before he/she can enter school:

MEASLES-MUMPS-RUBELLA (MMR) – 2 shots with the first one on or after 12 months of age

DIPTHERIA-TETANUS (DT) – 4 shots with the 4th or 5th one on or after the 4th birthday

POLIO (OPV/IPV) – 4 doses, the last dose on or after the 4th birthday and 6 months after previous dose

HEPATITIS B (HBV) - 3 shots appropriately spaced

VARICELLA – 2 shots with the first one on or after 12 months of age or written date of chicken pox disease

If your child is eligible to enter school and does not have the necessary immunizations within the first 5 days of school, your child will be excluded until the immunizations are completed. Please check with your family physician or the PA State Health Center to make arrangements to have these completed before the beginning of school.

If you have a child who may be eligible for Kindergarten starting August 2023 please call Megan Dehart at the AC Valley Elementary School Office at 724-659-3555 for the necessary form.

Information will be mailed to you the middle of March. Registration dates are set for April 13 & 14.

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