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Butler VA Invites Veterans to Celebrate Whole Health Month

Butler — The Butler VA Health Care System is celebrating Whole Health Month throughout April with classes, events, and resources for Veterans and their families. Whole Health is VA’s approach to care that centers around what matters to you, not what is the matter with you.

“April’s Whole Health month highlights the importance of putting the person in the center of their health care, recognizing, and honoring each person’s culture, values, and vision for their lives,” said Karen Justi, the Butler VA’s Whole Health Program Manager. “Many factors can influence us as unique health care consumers and as employees; including gender, culture, language preferences, and other factors.”

Veterans are invited to join any of the events and classes below this April at the Abie Abraham VA Clinic to learn more about Whole Health:

Whole Health Expo—Thursday, April 13 from 11am-1pm, Auditorium (no appointment needed)

Exploring Whole Health Class—Wednesday, April 19 from 1 pm–2 pm, Room MH 009 (no appointment needed)

Diabetes Education Class—Thursday, April 20 from 4pm-7pm, Room MH009. Call 878-271-6922 to register.

Taking Charge of My Life and Health (TCMLH): New 8-week group starts Friday, April 21 from 1pm-2:30pm. Call 878-271-6717 to register.

To Join visit: There ill be whole Health Facebook Live Events all month long.

“Whole Health allows each person to discover their own mission, aspiration, and purpose. This ultimately drives a commitment to health and well-being,” added Justi.

Veterans are encouraged to start a conversation with their health team about their needs and priorities to live Whole Health. Learn more:

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