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EBADC Completes A Beautification Project

Volunteers Marty Henry,

Brandon Diddy, and Colton Bowser.


With funding from the East Brady branch of Farmer’s National Bank, the East Brady Area Development Corporation (EBADC) landscaped around the Community Center sign on Kelly’s’ Way at Ferry Street. Materials were also provided for planters at the Veteran’s Park and the remaining funds were used towards the purchase of directional signage. Water for the initial maintenance of the new landscaping is provided by Bake Wagner and the East Brady Laundromat.

Farmer’s National Bank; Kelly Priester,

Niki and Reese Snyder

and EBADC volunteer Kate Hall.


Editor Note: A previous article had mentioned that East Brady had B & Bs. It does not, East Brady has “Airbnb” rentals.

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