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Foxburg Country Club Junior Club Championship

Pictured here are the Foxburg Country Club’s Junior Club Golfers: (front) Brock Dittman, Quinn Sundling, Hudson Bliss, Dalton Wenner; (back) Chloe Fritch, Joe Rapp, Koen Strauser, Dane Wenner.


Joe Rapp & Brock Dittman


Foxburg, Pa: Congratulations to the players in the 2021 Junior Club Championship, Aug. 15th, and many thanks to the parents and friends who supported the event. The Foxburg members are very proud of the sportsmanship and golf course etiquette demonstrated by all the players in the tournament.

Jr. Club Championship players were Hudson Bliss, Brock Dittman, Chloe Fritch, Joe Rapp, Koen Strauser, Quinn Sundling, Dane Wenner, Dalton Wenner.

Joe Rapp fired an 84 and was crowned 2021 Foxburg CC Junior Champion. Brock Dittman claimed the 12 and under prize with a 9-hole score of 58.

The most memorable shot of the event was for an Eagle 2 recorded by Dalton Wenner on #4; a 374-yard par 4. From about 75 yards out, Dalton took his second shot and recorded the rare Eagle!

Good luck to our young FCC members in the upcoming school season!

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