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Into the Outdoors: Christmas Gifts for the Outdoor Man or Woman

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for the obligatory Christmas gift suggestions. This column may be a bit off the beaten path, but, it’s really hard to think of gifts for some outdoor people, as many, who have been at it for many years, already have everything they need. Let’s look at a few things for the outdoor man or woman who has everything.

Most anglers, including me, tend to lose a lot of lures to snags, line breaks, etc. Therefore, a nice assortment of lures can make for a good gift, This is especially true if you happen to know what species of fish they like to target. I once received a set of walleye jigs. They were great, but I eventually lost all of them.

Basic items like hooks and sinkers make really good stocking stuffers. The same goes for line.

Here’s an idea that may seem unusual, but is sure to please. If you have an old photo with the recipient in it, it would make a great gift. While nobody wants to part with the original, today’s technology makes copying photos extremely easy. A copy of an old photo with a big fish or a nice buck, in a quality frame, is sure to please. An old friend once sent me such a photo. It was not outdoors related. It showed me and some of my friends as little kids in our altar boy vestments. I still look at it and feel good.

Most of us, of the outdoor persuasion, also like to cook what we catch or bag. That means that outdoor cooking equipment is a sure winner. At one time, smoking was used as a means of preserving meat and fish. Nowadays, it it is a matter of the delicious flavor smoke imparts to food. This makes a smoker a neat gift. I have been smoking for about a half century, and I think I have gotten fairly good at it, although there is always something to learn. If your recipient is a novice, the Old Smokey Electric Smoker is an excellent gift choice. It is very forgiving, won’t break the bank, and reaches sufficient heat to smoke cook just about anything. I have a number of smokers, including propane, wood and charcoal. My go to is usually the Old Smokey. Why? Because it is easy to use. Makes a great gift.

If your gift recipient is an experienced smoker and BBQ type, there are a lot of gift sets of sauces, seasonings and marinades on the market today. A few years ago, my brother in law gave me an injector and an assortment of injectable marinades. I have used it countless times. Of course, I had to buy more injectable marinade, but the injector still works just fine. As for barbecue sauce, I can’t recommend a specific one, as different sauces go better with different foods. My personal favorites are Sweet Baby Ray’s, Stubbs and Bachan’s Fam.

A good, rugged outdoor watch is another good gift idea. You don’t have to spend a fortune. The Timex Expedition can really take a beating. I have had one for many years, and, to say the least, I have not treated it kindly. It still works really great.

If you want to spend a little more, consider airguns. I am including CO2 guns in this category. While regular ammo is getting expensive, BBs and pellets are cheap. My son and I have a lot of these, including full auto, which are totally legal and a whole bunch of fun to shoot.

I hope this columns gives you some ideas in the less conventional category.

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