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Karyn Montana Announces Re-election Campaign

Karyn Montana

Karyn Montana of Knox is announcing her intention to run as a Republican for re-election for Clarion County Treasurer in the May 2023 primary.

Montana has over 30 years of accounting experience as well as five years working as the Chief Deputy Treasurer and was Elected Clarion County Treasurer in 2021.

“As Treasurer, I will keep an open-door policy to best serve the residents of Clarion County,” she said.

In July of 2021, Montana started mailing doe tags back to the customers two weeks after they were processed instead of waiting until September. “Now that things are changing again with doe tags being purchased with hunting licenses and online, we are working new strategies to make the process as smooth as possible”, Montana said.

Montana has also been updating all the records of organizations that hold a Small Game of Chance or Bingo License. She said, “It’s been a long process, but we are getting records up to date.

Since interest rates have skyrocketed lately, Montana has been working on moving some county money into high interest investment accounts. “Taking advantage of high interest rates and being able to make the County a significant amount of extra money is something I take very seriously and am very excited about”, she said.

Montana was born and raised in Clarion County and is a 1991 graduate of Keystone High School. She then began working in accounting at Clarion Bathware in Marble. In 1998 she started to work for New Era (now Champion Homes) in Strattanville in the accounting department where she worked for 17 years before being hired as the Chief Deputy Treasurer in 2016. In the fall of 2020, Montana became the acting Clarion County Treasurer on September 11th. In the spring of 2021, Montana was elected to the office of Treasurer. Montana was sworn in as the official Clarion County Treasurer on January 4, 2022.

Karyn has been endorsed by Register and Recorder Greg Mortimer, Prothonotary Jeff Himes, Sheriff Shawn Zerfoss, State Rep. Donna Oberlander, DA Drew Welsh, and Coroner Dan Shingledecker.

Karyn lives in Knox with her son Logan and Husband Brad, a Supervisor at Miller Fabrication Solutions.

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