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Lenten Services Held by Petroleum Valley Ministerium

Wednesday evening worship service

from March 7th at St Paul’s Community Church,

2167 State Route 268, Chicora PA.


Each Wednesday evening during the Lenten season the Petroleum Valley Ministerium is sponsoring Lenten services at one of the local churches. A different minister from the Ministerium is asked to preach a message while the host church’s pastor leads the remainder of the worship service.

St Paul’s Community Church was pleased to be able to host the evening service on March 7 and offered refreshments in the fellowship hall following the service. These gatherings provide more opportunity to share between the various churches. Saint Paul’s pastor, Frank Sapp, Jr., expressed his appreciation for the strong turnout and the continuing cooperation between churches and their pastors. 

“St Paul’s Community Church has a strong tie to the community and enjoys the opportunity to participate in these types of events”, says Rev. Sapp. ”We have a long history of community involvement and support, and this is one more opportunity to be a part of something bigger than our own four walls.”

St Paul’s will be hosting an Easter egg hunt on Saturday, March 30 at 9 AM and invites the entire community to join them. They also extend an invitation to their special service on Thursday, March 28 at 7 PM which is called a Maundy Thursday service. There will also be a sunrise service on Easter Sunday at 6:00 AM with a light breakfast to follow. The tradition time of worship is at 11 AM for the Easter Sunday service and everyone is invited to celebrate on Easter as well.

Contact the church for more details, or for spiritual and physical needs, call 724-445-3834.

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