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Letter to the Editor: Celebrating Volunteers April 2024

The last week of April signals the anticipation of spring, warmer weather, longer hours of sunlight, and a celebration of volunteers. As National Volunteer Week approaches, it is crucial to take a moment to recognize and appreciate the incredible contributions of our community’s heroes – our volunteers. These individuals selflessly give of their time, energy, and skills to make our community a better place for everyone. Volunteer week is April 21 to 27, a time to acknowledge and thank those who give their time and talents to meet community needs.

This year’s theme, “Something for Everyone,” expresses the range of diverse opportunities throughout our community. According to reports, volunteers contribute an average of 3.5 hours each week with an impact that far surpasses time spent. Volunteers provide services that play important roles in the overall operations of many community organizations, including hospitals and affiliated outpatient centers.

That is why I am so proud to recognize healthcare volunteers working throughout Clarion. Volunteers can choose the amount of time they wish to donate, how these hours might be spent, and the type of service area that matches their desires and personal expertise. Most of all, healthcare volunteers can interact with our patients and their families as they navigate some of the most challenging times in their lives … making a difference in those lives.

So please join me as I celebrate all our community volunteers especially the health care volunteers with whom I am blessed to be working.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at Clarion Hospital, visit

Leslie Walters

(The writer is Chief Nursing Officer at Independence Health System Clarion Hospital)

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