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Native American Artifact Night

On Wednesday, August 16 at 6 p.m., Twisted Roots of Mount Lorenzo genealogy group, located at Worthington West Franklin Community Library, is sponsoring an outreach program for individuals to bring their Native American artifacts, share, afford an opportunity for identification, & contribute to a more comprehensive record of the Buffalo Creek Watershed. The event is free and will be held in the gym, with tables for display.

Thomas Rabbitt, author of “Travels Along the Buffalo,” and his book will be available for sale. Kenneth Burkett, Director of the Jefferson County Museum /Historical Society, & Brian Fritz, Principal Archaeological Investigator, Quemahoning LLC, and local expert on lithic materials, will be identifying. Burkett & Fritz are field associates of Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

· Axes and hammer stones

· Arrowheads and spear points

· Canoe anchors and fishing net weights

· Paint pots for face and body paints

· Mortar and pestles and stones for grinding

· Carved stone pipes

· Bone and Shell Tools

· Native American Pottery

Call the library at 724-297-3762 to register. If bringing artifacts, tell the library when registering.


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