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New Business Opens in Knox Area

The recently opened business, 24 Seven Permanent Makeup By Shanna, offers clients a clean and sterile environment to receive a variety of permanent make up services through microblading and tattoo application. Permanent make up helps enhance the natural features we already have or returns features that may have been lost over time due to aging, medical issues, or damage. Many clients are seeking permanent make up simply for the fact that it has become harder to see when applying makeup and permanent makeup doesn’t disappear after a swim or sweating. Sensitivity and allergies to regular makeup is another factor that leads clients to choose permanent makeup.

Services offered at 24 Seven Permanent Makeup By Shanna are microblade eyebrows, powder eyebrows, nano eyebrows, tattoo eyeliner, tattoo lip color and lip liner. Each service covers an initial session when the majority of makeup is applied and a touch-up session four weeks later. A variety of topical numbing agents are applied prior to the procedure to ensure a virtually pain-free experience. Client before and after images can be found on Facebook and Instagram under 24 Seven Permanent Makeup By Shanna.

24 Seven Permanent Makeup By Shanna is located at 12030 Route 338, Knox, PA. Gift certificates are available for any service. Anyone interested in booking an appointment or free consultation can call/text 724-372-0790.

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