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On Sunny Lane: Bus Trip

Sweetheart and I made a bus trip to Nashville a couple of weeks before Christmas.

We traveled with two other couples who are friends. I've been wanting to go to Nashville for years, but Sweetheart says it's too far to drive. So, the bus trip was the perfect choice, especially since our friends were going.

You know how bus trips are. The itinerary is all planned out and the tour director keeps everybody on schedule. The tour director also makes sure we are entertained on the long bus journey.

She put a DVD in the machine for us to watch. I enjoy that, because I seldom go to the movies. Then she brings everybody a little memento that advertises the bus company. Then she brings back papers with games for us to play. We no sooner get done with one than she brings back another.

When are we supposed to sleep?

She does let us sleep on the way home. After all, when you leave for home right after supper and it's dark outside, you don't want to play games.

Well one of the things on our itinerary was to stay at Gaylord Opryland Hotel. The hotel is HUGE! It has a glass-domed roof and covers nine acres! Foreign and domestic shrubbery grows in many places. There are several waterfalls, as well as a small, shallow river flowing throughout. There are shops and restaurants everywhere. (See Photo)

In fact, the hotel is so large that it is easy to lose your way as you head off to a destination of your choice. Since we were there only two full days and three nights, we were almost acclimated to it by the time we left.

I got off track several times, but Sweetheart caught on to our surroundings quickly. However, nothing rivals the time I forgot my cell phone in one of the rest rooms.

Every time I use a public restroom, I run the risk of dropping it in the commode if I leave it in my jeans back pocket. If I take it out and put it in a safe place, I run the risk of forgetting it.

Sweetheart and I had used the restroom and then walked off to see the light show at the boat dock on the river. I reached for my cell phone and suddenly discovered it was not in my jeans back pocket!

In a panic I turned and ran back in the direction we had come. I expected Sweetheart to stay there and wait for me to come back.

So, I went up the steps, past the gift shops, down the steps and ended up at the boat dock again. No, I wasn't supposed to go back to the boat dock. That's where I left from. I turned around and went up another set of steps and across the catwalk.

But, I wasn't sure I was supposed to go over the catwalk. I knew I was supposed to go down the escalators, though. Or, was I?

I found a sign pointing to the lobby, where the restroom was located. I thought it might be a shortcut, so I went through the door. It turned out to be a cul de sac. I made a quick circle and got back on track, or whatever track I was on.

Eventually, I made it to the lobby where the restroom was. There was Sweetheart, waiting for me to come out of it. It probably would have been a good idea for me to stick with him and walk on a straight path.

Some women I met in the restroom called my cell phone for me and I learned that some thoughtful person had found it and taken it to the registration desk. How happy I was! However, I was disappointed that we missed seeing the light show.

It's easy to get confused in the world we live in. There is so much information and so many distractions. The best thing to do is know what your goal is and be aware of where the information is coming from. Be sure the information is correct. Don't be distracted and don't panic.


Dorothy is the author of two books—“Miles and Miracles” and “Getting It All Together “. You can purchase a book or make a comment by emailing her at

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