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On Sunny Lane: Delete, Delete, Delete

I have been extremely busy these last few days. I may even be getting a blister on my index finger.

I have been deleting emails on my smartphone. There are only a few emails that I welcome—from certain news organizations, from friends and, occasionally, from groups that want Sweetheart and/or me to participate in a craft show or book signing.

However, once one organization gets my email address, they pass it on to others. I ended up getting, basically, the same information from five different sources. How I started getting ads from Camp LeJeune water contamination litigants I will never know.

Last weekend I got 12 emails from matchmaking sites. They should get lost. I have met my match and his name is Sweetheart.

Of course, it does no good to delete an email unless you unsubscribe. So, I have been unsubscribing and then deleting. This is not, necessarily, an easy matter. Sometimes all I have to do is click the unsubscribe button.

Sometimes the computer sends me to another site, where I need to click the unsubscribe button again. And, the worst scenario is when I have to type in my email address, so the sender will know who is requesting the unsubscription.

I do not have a short email address. If I had known, 12 years ago, how much I would need to use it,  I would have come up with a different configuration.

Further complicating the matter are the emails containing news items that I really want to read, but not right away. So, I just leave them on the list for later. That just makes the list longer. It seems that, by the time I get around to reading them, it’s not news any more.

The sad fact is that, no matter how many emails I delete today, tomorrow there will be ten more. 

But, I do have to keep my eyes open for messages that I really want. Every once in a while, I get an email from one of my readers. That is one that I keep until I can preserve it for posterity.


Dorothy is the author of two books—“Miles and Miracles” and “Getting It All Together “. You can purchase a book or make a comment by emailing her at

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