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On Sunny Lane: What to Do

It happens at this time every year. I am torn about how to divide my time.

Spring is the time of year when the house needs a good cleaning. It has been shut up for months; smoke from the wood burner has accumulated on the walls and furniture; and dust bunnies have taken up residence under every stick of furniture.

On the other hand, there is yard work that will wait for no one. Sweetheart does all of the mowing and weed whacking, but there is some grass around the edges where neither one will reach. It appears that I must do that reaching.

And, there's the vegetable garden to plant. And, even though we have flowers growing everywhere, every year I get the urge to plant one more flower.

I tell myself that the obvious thing to do is to clean house when it's rainy and work outside when the weather is nice. That plan works well, for the most part, but something usually comes along to upset the apple cart. Like shopping, for instance. Sometimes it just has to take priority. Then there are appointments and commitments that I need to keep. And, we just need to take time out once in a while to spend time with friends.

Well, last year I hired two women to clean my house. They were done in two days. All I did was wash and iron the curtains and put them back up. It was no fun, though. They didn't have the same tender loving care for my house and furniture that I have. Fact is, I like to clean my house, even though it makes me tired.

I decided to do just a small portion of a room each day, so I wouldn't get so tuckered out. Trouble is, by the time I'm done, the first room is dirty again.

As I am engaged in my indoor work, I sometimes gaze out of the window and see the work that awaits me. The grass is getting higher around the edges of the trees and the flower my daughter gave me for Mother's Day just has to be planted.

Just thinking about all of that I have to do makes me tired. I think I'll take a nap so I will be refreshed and ready to work.


Dorothy is the author of two books—“Miles and Miracles” and “Getting It All Together “. You can purchase a book or send a comment by emailing her at

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