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Scherer On the Ballot for Butler County Commissioner

My name is Zach Scherer, and I am running for Butler County Commissioner in Pennsylvania. Many of people know me in Butler County as the guy that began the Butler PA Patriots which was known for standing for Election Integrity, supporting Donald Trump, and tried to hold local and state politicians accountable for their action and inaction. But, now I am running as a candidate that stands on a platform that includes the mission statement of the Butler PA Patriots, but expands upon and highlights the importance of fixing our opioid crisis, introducing transparency and accessibility at our local leadership levels, and advocating for fiscal responsibility.

I was born and raised in Butler County, Pennsylvania, attending Butler County’s Vo-Tech for numerous years and graduating from Karns City School District. I have been a volunteer firefighter at Chicora Volunteer Fire Department since I was 16 years old. I have continued my education through Southern New Hampshire University while working full-time, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology. I was never intending on running for an elected position. I was never going to be a polished politician, this is not a campaign that I am using as a stepping stool for my political aspirations. I am running to help and lead the county that I call home. I want to continue serving my community, and currently I see many things that could be improved upon, and I am running to improve them.

I am running on many issues. However, my priorities are tackling the opioid crisis that is destroying our county, establishing transparency in our local government, and focusing on fiscal responsibility. Now, what makes this younger, admittedly less experienced candidate stick out? I have a plan. I want to handle the opioid crisis by lessening the use and reliance of methadones, promoting a better rehab program, focusing on rehabilitation instead of the revolving door of our jail system. I want to increase education and understanding of addiction and substance abuse with programs that show results. As a newly elected commissioner, I will be actually accessible to constituents. I will vary public commissioner meeting times, allow an additional 30 minutes of public questions where we are held accountable to the public, accountable for our action or inaction. Fiscal responsibility explains itself. I will always advocate for a balanced budget, investing in the future of Butler County’s economy, people, and growth. Without these types of plans, the words that are spoken by other politicians, other candidates running for any level of office, are just that - words. We see it time and time again, we hear what they believe, or what their campaign help believes, we as voters want to hear. This isn’t a stepping stone for me. This isn’t the next step that I am taking in my political career. I want to make a difference in the county that I am proud to call home.

In recent years, I have watched Butler County’s leadership miss the mark on leading us to where we could be, and what we could be. I have witnessed the inaction of current leadership and believe that things need to change. I want to feel represented and heard by the people who are supposed to be elected by us. I believe that we can’t complain about something unless we are willing to do something about it. Are you willing to help change the county? Or do you want to vote for another four years of the same leadership doing the same thing? I am asking you to also do something about it, I am asking for your respect, prayers, and votes on Election Day.

f there are any further questions or interest in the campaign, I would urge readers to glance at my website: You can read about more interests, plans, and how to reach me for any questions anyone may have!

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