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Tharan Announces Reelection Campaign

Clarion County Commissioner, Ted Tharan, has announced his desire to run for re-election for a third term. Tharan has proven himself to be a reliable and responsible leader

Seven years ago, Ted Tharan announced his intention to run for the office of Clarion County Commissioner and to make local government “function within its means.” In order to achieve this objective he pledged to oppose “tax increases” and the exorbitant cost of “large government.” For this native son of Clarion County, this wasn’t simply campaign rhetoric as the ensuing seven years reveal. Today Clarion County has a nine-million-dollar cash reserve (up from the $1,500,000 when he took office) and has enjoyed the benefits of a 1/2 mill cut in taxes. While these achievements demonstrate Commissioner Tharan’s commitment to his original objectives, they are a small — albeit very important - part of his accomplishments. As a result of managing Clarion County in a fiscally responsible manner, Commissioner Tharan also facilitated:

- Paying down and refinancing inherited debt, saving thousands of tax dollars

- Renovating the Courthouse basement and installing a new, high-efficiency HVAC system at the county jail

- Refurbishing Veterans’ Park and erecting a new monument to honor Gulf War Veterans

- Constructing a new, state-of-the-art, 911 center and erecting broadband towers throughout the county

- Creating a new Clarion County website containing GIS and tax information, and

- Renovating and repairing additional county assets including the Courthouse and Human Services building

None of these accomplishments come as a surprise to the people who know this Commissioner’s background as the owner — since 1975 – of Tharan Contracting and the President or Managing Partner of several natural resource companies.

And Commissioner Tharan’s commitment to Clarion County is definitely not a surprise to those who know of his time spent with and service to such diverse entities as the Keystone School District (Board member for eight years, President for two), the Lions Club, the Rotary Club, the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (Assessment and Taxation Committee and the Health Alliance Board), the DCNR Advisory Board, the Clarion County Economic Development Board, and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

Though Commissioner Tharan has accomplished a great deal in seven years (much, much more than what is listed here), he is aware that the people and businesses in Clarion County still need a reliable and responsible leader in the Courthouse to ensure that the County will continue to function well and “within its means.”

Tharan is married to Jolinda; together they have two children, 3 grandchildren, and a golden doodle, Lizzie. Ted has resided in Beaver Twp. for 60 years.

If you feel the same, please sign his petition (available on February 14th) and help reelect Republican Commissioner Ted Tharan on May 16th.

If you would like to help reelect Ted, please send your donation to:

Committee to

Reelect Ted Tharan

5875 Route 338

Knox, PA 16232

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