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To the Editor: A tricky intersection

Updated: Sep 16, 2023


I don’t live in Somerset, PA, but I did in 1966. I went back recently for a visit.

Someone told me about a short cut to take to get to my destination.

As I was going down the little back-road, I was about to turn right & the person with me said, “Stop!” There was no sign or any indication there was a stop ahead.

It’s a tricky intersection. The next day, I was on the same road & if I hadn’t been told about the stop, I would have kept on going & been hit by a pick-up truck coming from the left. I could have been killed.

I called the township to ask why there was no stop sign at the intersection of Humbertschool Road & Rubright Road. She said we keep putting them up & someone keeps taking them down. Unbelievable!

Don’t those ignorant, stupid people know what could happen to unsuspecting drivers?

If they ever catch them, they should make them stand out there 24/7 holding a stop sign ‘till they learn their lesson.

Why can’t the township paint on the road a warning. Caution, slow down in yellow & stop ahead in fluorescent red? Who knows it just might save a life.

As of today, there is still no stop sign there and I called two weeks ago.

If there are other towns with the same situation going on, I submit the same info to you.

Or maybe you have a better idea?

Karen Baran

Shippenville, PA


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